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Many years before I invented the orgone generator®, I was already aware of the transfer of life force, or orgone energy, at any distance.  This insight was a natural consequence of my dual background, mathematics and physics as well as practice of so-called "meta-physical" disciplines, where action at a distance has been an integral part for tens of thousands of years.  Soon I recognized that such action is not "meta" ("besides" ... in this label physics) at all, and that, in fact, it is purely physical and scientific.  Life force (orgone energy) and electromagnetic frequencies can be viewed as being integral parts of a continuum that encompasses both energies - and then other energies as well, of course.  With either energy, we can define distance as a result of structural differences.  While EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) based energies follow the principle of entropy, Orgone energy based energies follow the principle of reversed entropy.  From that difference, the other characteristics of these two polarities of energies follow naturally and so do their interactions.

For orgone energy / life force, structural links are either near-identical or equivalent.  

This knowledge of structural links, besides being of use in work at a distance, led to another "first."  This was the signal transmission machine to machine, using life energy (orgone energy) instead of electromagnetic waves (electromagnetic energy).  I succeeded with such transmission a few weeks after I invented the orgone generator®.  The receiving equipment is relatively simple, and for very obvious reasons I am refraining from describing it.  In all, this transmission, later, at Christmas 1997, across the Atlantic, where I needed no amplifiers at all, was proof for me of the validity of what I called "structural links."  Structural link is another term that ripoff artists are using meanwhile liberally without giving me credit for it.

If you are interested to test the transfer of orgone energy, all you need to do is call or e-mail any one of our distributors, or Click here to have an orgone energy test e-mailed to you.


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Although discovering what he called DOR (Deadly ORgone), Wilhelm Reich was unaware that it constantly is transformed back into healthy orgone as a result of the pulsation of the planetary orgone fields.  If this was not the case, all life on this planet would have choked in deadly orgone long ago.  In fact, in his work to remove DOR from the atmosphere (Reich made some real path-breaking observations concerning the presence and absence of DOR in the atmosphere), he grounded it into water, and there ...

Serious DOR problems arise whenever the planetary pulse of orgone energy cannot keep up with the generation of new DOR, i.e. the transformation of healthy orgone energy into DOR, as was the case in Wilhelm Reich's famous oranur experiment.  These problems occur in locations with massive "electrosmog," or electromagnetic pollution and wherever there is a massive amount of radioactivity present.  For instance, in his oranur experiment, Wilhelm Reich placed a small amount of radioactive material inside a powerful orgone accumulator.


The DOR Generator

I realized that an increase of the power of an orgone pulse not only counteracts the stale DOR, it actually transforms it back into healthy orgone energy very rapidly.

Consequently, I invented a DOR generator, which can be turned on and off at any time.  Wilhelm Reich had built a 20-layer orgone accumulator, into which he put some radioactive material, with the consequence of massive transformation of orgone energy into DOR.  Since he had no means of counteracting DOR nor any knowledge of transforming it back into healthy orgone energy, he had to dismantle the orgone accumulator.

My DOR generator can be switched on and off.  It actually generates DOR, besides transforming orgone energy that is present into DOR.  When this device was turned on, most bystanders experienced pain in their lymph nodes within less than a minute.  When I put an orgone generator® (emitting pulsed orgone) next to the DOR generator, this output of DOR is changed back into healthy orgone and bystanders felt well immediately.   Naturally, dismantling the devices becomes unnecessary in this case.  The orgone generator® proved also very effective in counteracting the DOR generated by electromagnetic pollution, for instance in areas with massive fluorescent lights.  In fact, the coiled-up fluorescent tubes, which are promoted so happily in our days of massive "greenwashing," may be as "energy wise" as much as they are "cancer-foolish." Again, a small orgone generator® in the area transforms theDOR back into healthy orgone energy.  Note: LED's for sure are a much better choice, but that would not pad the pockets of some greedy corporations who have been become quite adept in playing the "green game."

I can safely say that I was the first person on the planet who (1) recognized that DOR is transformed back into healthy orgone on a planetary scale and who (2) actually succeeded in transforming DOR back into healthy orgone with the help of the orgone generator®, rather than "grounding" it with "cloudbusters" and similar devices.   Orgone accumulators that are labeled "orgone generators" such as blobs of orgonite® in many shapes and arrangements, pyramids, cones, with and without "crystals," etc., certainly cannot do the trick, unless grounded, and then the DOR is simply grounded, not transformed.  I would refrain from drinking well water in areas where any type of such grounding is done.

There have been people who wanted to purchase the DOR generator and another device in my possession that draws orgone energy from any place to which it is pointed (also at a distance!).  I can give a demo of the devices at a distance, and I do so from time to time to show off (yeah, I am quite human and therefore I love to show-off!), and they are not for sale.


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A radionics device is a method to establish equivalent structural links.   In fact, it compares to the ("magical") use of incenses, oils, mantras, specific objects and graphical symbols of any kind.  It is no coincidence that some people call the radionics device the "voodoo doll of the modern age."  In principle, it is an extremely flexible device for desired manifestation.

Since its invention by Abrams in the early 1900's, radionics was used in the main for healing purposes.  This use of radionics, of course, was controversial just the same way as was the use of orgone energy for that purpose since Franz Anton Mesmer started with his barrels that were filled with iron filings, from which people could pull the accumulated "animal magnetism," (called "personal magnetism" in our days) and with his "magnetic passés" over the body ("magnetizing" or "mesmerizing" the body).

Later, researchers found out soon that the technology of radionics was useful for many purposes other than the rather controversial "healing," and that such use of radionics turned out to be quite effective.  A good example of such use was the famous "hieronymus machine," so called after its inventor, Dr. Galen Hieronymus, and Charles Cosimano's books added very much to making radionics more popular.

To me it was obvious right from the beginning that results of this type of manifestation operations, i.e., radionics, were dependent on the amount of orgone energy used for the transfer, given the same strategies for success of the operation.  Consequently, the invention of the orgone generator® meant the threshhold to an era of more effective and more powerful operations of manifestation such as radionics, affirmations and vision boards.  While to this point such operations were dependent on life energy that was present in the surroundings of the equipment or setup, or which, at best, was projected by their operator(s), the orgone generator® guaranteed a massive and continuous supply of life energy, or orgone, especially with the larger and more powerful devices.  Such massive supply of orgone energy guaranteed total success even in situations where the run-off-the-mill device or setup simply could not produce any inroads toward any results at all.

At first, back in 1993, I offered a simple radionics device besides the orgone generator to those who were interested in this combination of technologies.  Very soon this combination of the two technologies became so popular that I decided to build devices that combined both technologies in one: the first orgone radionics machines (orgone-boosted manifestation devices) on the market, at first the RAD 2000, then the RAD 3000, then the RAD 2400 HD, and eventually the very powerful RAD 5, ATGS 3000 and ATG 12000.

Finally, I wrote a radionics software, or manifestation software, which was the first non-diagnostic and non-healing-oriented radionics software on the market, the RI 2400 CD with its 5 positions plus an orgone transfer function that can be used to connect the software with a powerful orgone generator®. The positions of this software:  Basic action, main trend energy, trend energy in the environment, target, and alternate target. You find a description of these positions in the catalog. Later a sound output function was added to the program, which you can use to define the pulse of the orgone field surrounding the generator.  See or for radionic devices.

A further development was a super manifestation software with up to 22 positions, each of which positions you can name and define whichever way you wish, and the positions can be placed in whichever way you desire, and each position can be programmed with its individual sound function.  With this extraordinary new software, by now you are capable to emulate just about any radionics software on the market.


A Vampyre of orgone energy

This is a device that actually draws orgone energy off any defined point, also at a distance. I have used it extensively for significant research purposes. Like the DOR generator, this device is not available commercially.


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To charge water with orgone energy is an obvious method, and already Wilhelm Reich made experiments that have proven a beneficial effect on plant growth. Orgone water has been produced for as long as commercial orgone accumulators were around.

As soon as I invented the orgone generator®, I have used it to charge water and I used this water to enhance the growth of plants.  In fact, the very first experiments that I conducted with orgone accumulators, about 17 years before I invented the generator, have been with plants and I achieved remarkable results.

Very remarkable is the effect on distilled water, which, because of the process of distillation, is practically "dead."

Water that has been charged with an orgone accumulator or with a standard orgone generator® usually tastes a bit bitter, even if it is distilled water. The reason being that such water is charged with orgone energy, but the noxious information of pollutants remains in it, even after distillation, reverse osmosis or any other type of purification.

With a special type of orgonite®, the exact formula of which will remain my secret ("proprietary"), I managed to remove that problem, and the water appears of the same quality as if it came directly from a high mountain spring: chaged with orgone energy and with the cleanes possible vibration, the true stuff of life that water should be.  Anybody who wants to test such water is certainly invited to do so, especially since water can be optimiyed with orgone energy at any distance.  Simply make a phone call to one of our distributors and enjoy the charged water.  You can also get your Chi-Card® for this test.   More about water optimizing with the help of orgone generators® in the catalogs.

Important: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts. One of these words is “radionics.” Actually, what most people call “radionics” is a numeric based method to establish structural links and to keep them permanent, similar to symbols and the like, and it is functionally identical with any other action at a distance. You will learn more about structural links later! It is a well-known fact that the same people who used such methods extensively towards their own selfish ends originally implanted these fears and doubts in others. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population!

By now you can put your life and destiny into the best possible hands, which are your own, of course!
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First, you see a diagram of a typical operation at a distance that lacks the necessary supply of life force, or orgone energy, usually because the operator, usually a beginner, is unaware of its importance. Some life force is drawn from the surroundings or this type operation. Results are possible. This type operation has a high rate of failure!

Next, you see the same operation at a distance as above, when performed by a knowledgeable practitioner who supplies the operation with orgone energy, either his own using various other practices of drawing life force such as Reiki, Chi Kung or yoga. Good results!

Finally, you can see the same operation at a distance, this time with a massive and continuous supply of orgone energy from an Orgone Generator® (Chi Generator® or Prana Generator®)! This continuous supply of life force keeps the projected trend energies going. Results can come fast. Success can be possible also in situations where everything else seems to fail!
Reliable Results!

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this equipment is not designed for healing of any kind

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