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The Invention of the Orgone Generator® and Orgonite® by Karl Hans Welz
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Invention, Action at a Distance will never be the same again!

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Orgone Water

To charge water with orgone energy is an obvious method, and already Wilhelm Reich made experiments that have proven a beneficial effect on plant growth. Orgone water has been produced for as long as commercial orgone accumulators were around.
As soon as I invented the orgone generator, I have used it to charge water and I used this water to enhance the growth of plants.  In fact, the very first experiments that I conducted with orgone accumulators, about 17 years before I invented the generator, have been with plants and I achieved remarkable results.
Very remarkable is the effect on distilled water, which, because of the process of distillation, is practically "dead."

Water that has been charged with an orgone accumulator or with a standard orgone generator usually tastes a bit bitter, even if it is distilled water. The reason being that such water is charged with orgone energy, but the noxious information of pollutants remains in it, even after distillation, reverse osmosis or any other type of purification.

With a special type of orgonite®, the exact formula of which will remain my secret ("proprietary"), I managed to remove that problem, and the water appears of the same quality as if it came directly from a high mountain spring: chaged with orgone energy and with the cleanes possible vibration, the true stuff of life that water should be.  Anybody who wants to test such water is certainly invited to do so, especially since water can be optimiyed with orgone energy at any distance.  Simply make a phone call to one of our distributors and enjoy the charged water.   More about water optimizing with the help of orgone generators® in the catalogs.

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