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Using the Orgone Generator® for Family and Children

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Yes, you can use your Orgone Generator® for Family and Children

  To balance the family by providing energy to every person
  to help children in general
  to help children in school (improve learning, children projecting self confidence and charisma are favored more by teachers, etc.)
  to have a happy family life
  to improve a dysfunctional family
  to bring a family back together (you will need the appropriate success strategies)

The Orgone Generator®, which you are using for this type complex work should be middle of the line to heavy duty, and the Basic Manifestation Program or Manifestation Ultimate Pro can be a decisive help.

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Applications of orgone energy
orgone generators® optimize water

better food, herbs and supplements

orgone generators® for pets, animals, aquariums
orgone generators® for plants
counteract EMF pollution, DOR
orgone generators® to energize for body and mind
orgone generators® for weight loss
fitness training and body building
orgone generators®, a big advantage in sports
intellect, creativity, mental skills
gaming, gambling, stocks, trading
relating to others, charisma
orgone to boost potency and sex
orgone generators®, love and sex
orgone generators®, family and children
orgone, leadership and politics
orgone generators® and marketing
career, business and prosperity
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