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You can use your Orgone Generator® to increase the success of advertising and marketing

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Being in business or planning to start a business, you certainly are aware that marketing and advertising are important facets of any business.  In fact, without proper marketing, no business.  Using the orgone generator to boost your marketing and advertising can be the most decisive factor helping the overall success of your business.  The uses of the Orgone Generators®, for marketing purposes are as varied as the businesses for which they are used.

Store counters can be energized with ease, provided that you have a sufficiently strong Orgone Generator®. The strong device is needed, because the customer is in front of the counter for a relatively short time, and quite often you need to get several customers at the same time. When the customer feels the positive energy of chi while leaning on the counter and feels good about this energy rush, chances are that his subconscious wants this experience and rush of energy again.  Of course you can also add the intent to come back or to get more ...

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In a similar way, you can transfer beneficial orgone energy to the chairs of waiting rooms, to massage tables and the like, and likewise you can power boost ad copy in magazines and newspapers, which is extremely effective in getting your messages across. 

Naturally, you can use your life energy equipment to boost marketing skills in general, to cause people like a specific business or the owner and employees of a business, to boost charisma, popularity and ease of talking.

Excellent devices for massive use in business situations are the PFC 2400 HD or the RAD 5 in combination with a Manifestation Program.  It all depends on the size of the business. 

Applications of orgone energy
orgone generators® optimize water

better food, herbs and supplements

orgone generators® for plants
counteract EMF pollution, DOR
orgone generators® for weight loss
fitness training and body building
intellect, creativity, mental skills
gaming, gambling, stocks, trading
orgone to boost potency and sex
orgone generators®, love and sex
orgone, leadership and politics
orgone generators® and marketing
Water Optimizer AO 1100

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