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To establish a structural link from your Chi generator® or Chi-Card® to yourself, you can use the Chi-Card®:  Simply print out two of the blank Chi-Cards® on the left.

write some letters or numbers into the light blue rectangle and write the same thing into the rectangle of the second card.  Instead of numbers and letters or your name, you can use a design, of course.    Important is that whatever you are using, it should be individual, or unique.  To test for transfer:  put one of these chi cards next to your Chi generator and put the second one on a flat surface, then proceed as in the transfer tests.  Naturally you can make your own Chi-Card, with a background that you design, etc.  This card is here to make things easier for you and/or to give you an example of how you can make your own.For You, the Chi-Card® Secures a Continuous Supply of Chi Energy with all its Benefits!  Your credit-card size Chi-Card® is energy in your billfold !!!  In fact, with this continuous extra powerful transfer of Chi Energy, you can now have all the energy you need to begin taking control of money, profession, business, relationships, and life itself! 
In addition to this, you can now use your Chi-Card® as
Your Personal Pocket Mind Machine that requires
absolutely no head phones or goggles !!!

performer chi energyAs a natural consequence of the invention of the Orgone Generator®, Karl Hans Welz was able to explain scientifically any action at a distance or perception at a distance.  Consequently, our understanding of manifestation techniques, ESP, remote viewing, shamanism and miracles will never be the same again, and meanwhile entirely new technologies have evolved from this new scientific understanding of life force, or Chi Energy.

Transfer of orgone energy at a distance, which was practiced by humans throughout their history, can now be understood as scientific fact.  It is the transfer of life force, or orgone energy with the help of identical or equivalent structures: structural links.  Based on this science, Karl Hans Welz created equipment to use life force for the transfer of signals across the Atlantic.  As expected, no amplification equipment was needed, i.e., life force transferred with full force even at that disctance. 

Your Chi-Card® transfers orgone energy from one of your Chi-Generators® in the same way as the TC 99 and other orgonite®-based transfer units.  The difference is that, unlike orgonite®, the Chi-Card® does not amplify the life energy.

The image shows you how you can use your chi-card® to transfer the energy of supplements into water or any other drink.   

Water Optimizer AO 1100

Orgone Generator® LPOG HD 2400

Water Optimizer AO 2000
Orgone Generators® JU 99 Series
Orgone Generator® JU 1000
Orgone Shooter CEG 1000
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