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The shortest distance between two points in the universe is a structural link™
Orgone Technology for
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The CEG 2400 Orgone Shooter

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Feel free to video call us and we are going to answer any of your questions and we can show you live many more ways of how you can use your of Orgone Shooter and accessories !!! Video-talking live with one of our associates is just a click away! 
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The CEG 2400 is a Heavy Duty low pulse orgone shooter and orgone generator® with floating frequency, and this exceptional tool is designed to charge yourself and others by pointing at them.   The CEG 2400 orgone shooter is also water enhancing (simply point at water dispensers, glasses or bottled water - a minute onto a glass or bottle, about 5-10 minutes at a dispenser) and you can use it to charge food, supplements and drinks.

It has the same power as the RAD 2400 HD, plus, like the RAD 2400 HD, it has a stereo input, which transforms your affirmations and other frequencies into orgone frequencies, which will be received wherever you point the shooter.   You can point it at anything at a distance - as I mentioned before: persons, water and food, and as well pets, aquariums, water tanks and a lot more.
In some ways it compares to the Reichian orgone shooter with that funnel which is pointed at persons and the like, but this funny Reichian Orgone shooter funnel reaches just a few inches.

orgone shooter with sound input

The CEG 2400 orgone shooter, contrary to the Reichian contraption, reaches a lot farther - even at persons some 100 feet away or at water and food some ten feet away.   You can point it at locations in living spaces such as chairs and whenever when people there, they pull this energy.   Quite naturally, into these locations as well as directly to people you can project feng shui energies or any other energy, which you define radionically when the shooter is connected to radionics machines by way of the transfer disks or other structural links, and if projected at a location, people can benefit from the projected life force with attached trend energy, radionics energy, or desired effect, whenever the are in this location.  It can be used to point at any operational setup, also "altars" and the like - it is fiull power, projectes the energy where it is needed and it does not need to be on this setup (such as a typical orgone generator® has to be) and therefore you need not to rearrange this setup for more power.  In addition to this, the affirmation power will be transferred directly into the operational setup and from there to the target of your operation, yourself or to person(s) you are helping.
You have the choice: there are two built-in transfers, which you can use to connect your orgone shooter with other and powerful Chi Generators® or, to attach specific effects, to radionics devices with built-in Chi Generators® (the RAD series), and this gives your shooter a lot more additional power and effectiveness - You can ask us for an online demo about this, and show you the difference in power whenever you go into out live online store and show room by way of a video call.

orgone shooter with links

As I mentioned, you can point your life energy shooter at food and enhance them, water and add specific radionic effects, supplements and humans which you want to help as well, and naturally at locations.
Of course you can point it at pets - at their favorite place - simply set it up somewhere so that it points at this place. and whenever the pet is there, it can enjoy the benefits of life force.
You can charge plants - a few minutes a day can help a lot.
You can point it at aquariums to provide fish and plants therein with life force and a healthy environment.
Of course you can also use transfer couples (TC 99) to provide yourself with a continuous charge or give such a transfer to others persons whom you want to help.
We are also offering chi coasters (orgone energy coasters), onto which you can put food, water, supplements and drinks, and you can take this chi coaster with you in your purse or wallet, and receive an energy transfer from your Chi energy shooter similar to the transfer couple.
As with any other Orgone Generator®, you can also charge business cards, flyers and catalogs.  Again, you can ask us to show you precisely how to do this when video-calling our online store.
When you have a strong generator, you can charge water tanks, for instance if you own a farm - naturally you can also charge the water that you give to your farm animals and charge the animals in their stables or other places where they are very often, simply by pointing your generator there, and the animals are going to pull the life force whenever they are in that location, or, if you have a reverse osmosis system or a water filter, you can use a chi coaster to charge these tanks.
Simply do it and taste, and you are going to surprised
Of course you can always call us for a demo by video call and you are going to get a demo right there.   In fact, our associate can charge your water by way of the video call

Suggested Software to enhance the effect of the Orgone Shooter - attach the Software transfer to the shooter

Manifestation Radionics Program

The Basic Manifestation Program

astrodynamic manifestation program

(7)  The Power Radionics Jr. Program -
This example is a radionics operation to secure fun on a cruise

More about what Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

agriculture, plants, lawns break up electrosmog, DOR, gaming management pet care sports
artistic inspiration business, office energy geopathic stress marketing politics supplements
attachments charisma esp and psychic herbs meditation popularity living water
attacks children family intelligence mind control profession weight control
balance competition fitness intuition money relationships weight loss
body building customers friendship lawsuits music skin care well-being
brainwaves defense gambling love NLP speed-learning  
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