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The CE 69 Chi Energizer: A special dual purpose Orgone Generator®: It revitalizes water and then it charges this revitalized water with life energy

The Story of Water - Water is Life

You can think of Water as a living being. It is literally living when coming from clean springs, continues in healthy rivers all the way to the ocean, and you can consider the ocean itself as being the largest living organism on the planet.
We all know that we are 70% water and we know that we cannot live without it. Therefore the water we drink certainly should be the stuff of life.
So it is obvious that what we should drink is living water, pure and healthy as nature provides it, ideally containing as much life energy as it can hold.

The CE 99 Water Optimizer

performer chi energyThis very affordable Orgone Generator® is primarily designed to produce living water and to optimize food, supplements and drinks.  Of course you can use it as well to energize body and mind, and, as such, this is an ideal device for weight management, especially when applied in combination with the Weight Management Manifestation Program.

An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is on top of the device:  This light is blinking in a floating frequency sequence, which is the pulse frequency of the Orgone Generator®. 

Like the CE 69, you can use the CE 99 to
1.  Energize water, food, drinks, supplements
2.  Energize yourself and other persons
3.  Weight management programs (more about this in the success strategies)
4.  Other applications for general manifestation setups.

5.  If you have a non-water optimizing orgone generator® such as the JU 1000 or LPOG 2400 DL, the addition of the CE 99 and simultaneous operation of the two devices will turn this middle-of-the line unit into a water optimizing Orgone Generator®.


(1)  Power Supply:  Two AA batteries, which makes the device portable, and a nice backup whenever elictricity is not available.
The CE 99 has a two year limited warranty.  You can run the device continuously. 

performer chi energy

Suggested Accessories to the CE 99:

(2)  The RAOPTC power transfer couple - see above.  With this accessory, you can get three times the power of the CE 99.  Keep the small disk on the device and use the larger disk to charge water, food, drinks and supplements (in the picture above it is used to charge supplements) anywhere or simply carry it on yourself to give a continuous boost to your energy levels.  Both parts are made of super orgonite®.  

performer chi energy(3)  Any one of the Manifestation Programs

(4)  The Manifestation Program for Weight Loss

(5)  The TC 99 Transfer Couple:  For smooth transfer of life energy and to increase the life energy output of the CE 99.  Both parts are made of super orgonite®.  You can put one transfer onto the CE 69 and put the other transfer onto your key chain. 


Examples for Self-Help and Trend Management with the CE 99

1. Energize yourself with the help of a Structural Link

Now you can begin to direct the energy towards yourself.  Turn on the Orgone Generator® with one of the transfer disks, transfer cards or power booster next to it or on top of it.  Since life energy transfers at any distance (with the right structural link!), all you need to do is carry the second transfer unit, the second transfer card or the transfer disk of the PBT 2400 with you.   You can also design a transfer diagram on a piece of paper: For smooth transfer of energies, uniqueness of the transfer diagram is important.  With unique transfer diagrams, leakage of energy is less likely.  Use a copying machine for exactness!  Design anything, even a scribble, and then make photocopies of the individual designs or scan them: make two printouts, or, in some instances, three.  Discard the original diagram after you finished copying.  You end up with two designs that will have nothing like it anywhere.  Put one diagram in front of your Orgone Generator® or anywhere close to it.  Take the other one somewhere else, put it on a surface, and check for transfer!  Do not put it on your knee, because your body will draw the energy and the palm of your hand may then not be capable of feeling it.  The same is the case with transfer cards or transfer disks.

Carry the transfer disk or transfer diagram on yourself for about half an hour.  Note the feeling of being energized.

performer chi energy2. Energize Distilled Water - See the AO 2000 for more info about optimizing water
Distilled water is “dead” as far as life energy is concerned.  That’s the reason for its bland taste.  For the following experiment you need two bottles of distilled water.  One bottle you put somewhere, at least 10 ft away from the Chi Generator®.  Point your Orgone Generator® at the other bottle for about 5 minutes. Compare the taste of the water in the two bottles.  You’ll be amazed, especially since the CE 99 is a water optimizing device!  The same way you can energize food, herbs, supplements and drinks.  Naturally you can use the transfer cards to charge any water fountain by putting the card next to the supply bottle.  It takes about 2 hours to fully charge a 5 gallon bottle.

4. Relax Yourself
Turn on your Orgone Generator®.  Lie down and put the transfer disk (or diagram) onto your chest or simply put it anywhere on your body or next to yourself.  Stay in this relaxed state for about half an hour.  If you have mastered Autogenic Training (free course available from BEC), you will notice a significant deepening of the state of relaxation when you practice in conjunction with your Chi Generator®.

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